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05 April 2006

Hello, my name is....

After much nagging by a certain someone, I finally started my own blog. Then I discovered that you are expected to actually create your own entries. No one tells you that when they are describing the wonders of blogdom.

So, despite having nothing important to contribute to society, here I am. Let me start by telling you what this blog is and is not. First, Brother Lawrence is not my real name, and San Lorenzo Monastery is not where I live. Also, that is not a real picture of me. I am, however, a member of a religious order, and do live in a monastery of sorts. I have chosen to remain anonymous because it gives me more freedom to write about the dolts people I live and work with. Unfortunately, it also limits the number of people I can invite to read my blog. Most of my friends and colleagues are blabbermouths. Therefore, I am counting on you, my readers, to spread the word.

If you came to this site because you are trying to discern whether to join a religious order, you came to the wrong place. May I suggest you try this site? Ditto if you came to heap vitriol upon the Roman Catholic Church for past and present abuses, real or imagined. You may find some sympathy for your views, but mostly people will not take you seriously. Nothing personal. You may want to try this site instead. If you find my blog to be irreverent and unbecoming of a man of the cloth, you took a wrong turn at EWTN. For you, I would suggest this.


Anonymous heather said...

Only 2 people from my 'real' life know about my blog - one of those is my husband.

On a more serious note, one of the things that I do find fascinating are the 'life in a day of' types of post. Perhaps you could find your way to doing something like that - in fact, I suspect you could do that several times over.

I am now going to see whether or not I have a vocation. Now, don't spoil it for me...

05 April, 2006 19:04  
Blogger Br. Lawrence said...

I think a 'day in the life of' post could be very useful. Especially for anyone suffering from insomnia.
Once you start this, you realize that there an infinite number of bloggable topics. Whether any of them are of interest to anyone other than me is another question.

06 April, 2006 02:07  
Anonymous pog said...

Hey Bro' (or should that be 'Yo! Bro! - I'm not really down with the kids ...), the deal is, you post and than we tell you whether we were interested in it.
G'wan - you know you want to ....

06 April, 2006 13:22  
Anonymous belgianwaffle said...

I know Heather's name and address though. I don't know her, in real life but I feel that I can use this information to surprise her some day..obviously, once the children have grown up.

22 April, 2006 08:54  

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