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04 December 2006

What would Gregory have to say?

Brother Lawrence does not live on Gregorian chant alone, which is why he was interested in Blender's list of the 50 worst artists in music history.

First off, the title of the article seems somewhat pretentious. Looking at the list, you'd think that music was invented in the early 1960's. Surely there must have been a musician worse than Iron Butterfly in the 1400's!

Speaking of Iron Butterfly, what's so wrong with them? And what is this obsession the authors have with drum solos. It appears that some people are still bitter about not getting those drum sets they asked Santa for in the fifth grade.

Here is BroLo's list of three musicians that do not deserve to be lumped among the 50 worst, and three that are definitely missing from the list.

Redeem from history's dustbin: Iron Butterfly, The Alan Parsons Project and Kansas.

Consign to the lower levels of Hades: Milli Vanilli (listen to the hilarious send-up from Fox's Living Color), Minnie Ripperton and Barry Manilow (in conformity with national and international laws banning torture, no link is provided).

Amen. The good brother welcomes your opinions.


Anonymous Open Grove Claudia said...

I've been listening to the Gipsy Kings in a feeble attempt to learn Spanish. Does that redeem them from the list?

04 December, 2006 18:09  
Anonymous pog said...

Oh, you're definitely going to heaven ....
(which is just as well, really, considering your job, ay?)

04 December, 2006 18:23  
Blogger BroLo said...

Sorry, OGC. That exonerates you from being charged with aiding and abetting criminals, but it doesn't help them.

Well, Pog, that was the original idea, but I'm afraid I might have buggered my chances somewhere along the way.

04 December, 2006 22:10  
Anonymous pog said...

See you in the other place then. I'm beginning to think that your lot having abolished purgatory might not have been such a good thing for sinners and lapsed Catholics such as myself ...

05 December, 2006 11:23  
Blogger BroLo said...

I believe you are thinking of Limbo, Pog, where we consigned little children for the sin of dying before there was time to get baptized. I'll check the company handbook for good measure, but I think there's still a chapter on Purgatory. It's useful when you are asking a mafia hit man for a large donation, you see?

05 December, 2006 18:43  
Blogger heartinsanfrancisco said...

Well, I think that Milli Vanilli is more visual than audial, but Barry Manilow surely deserves a place in the darkest reaches of Hades.

Since you mention it, how do you feel about the consigning of babies to Limbo before they've had a chance to sin? I've always had a problem with this, but quite possibly do not fully understand the concept.

05 December, 2006 21:36  
Blogger BroLo said...

HISF: As I understand it, Limbo was never an official dogma. It was an attempt by some theologians to explain the apparent discrepancy between the beliefs that baptism confers salvation (hence the unbaptized cannot be saved) and that sin requires an act of the will (hence newborns cannot sin).
In any case, I believe that the idea of limbo has now been officially discredited, and the babies are saved (by the grace of God, as are the rest of the saved, after all).

05 December, 2006 21:55  
Blogger heartinsanfrancisco said...

Brolo, thank you for the explanation.

I would definitely endorse the precept that sinning requires an act of will, and cannot occur willy-nilly (or, if you prefer, milli-vanilli.)

06 December, 2006 05:57  
Anonymous pog said...

AHA! Trust me to get it wrong. Us lapsed types just can't keep up, y'know. So, if us not-exactly-mortal sinners work hard, we might indeed get there?
Hmm. Thinking about it, though, I'm pretty sure I've committed the odd mortal sin. Nothing involving death or donkey-coveting, though.

06 December, 2006 13:09  

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