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13 January 2011

You have to laugh to keep from crying

Several journalists pointed out that the gun used in the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was legally purchased. Commenting on one of these articles, alert reader MyBigToe bristled at the insinuation that easy access to guns might have had some role to play in this tragedy. He wrote, "To all those who say that this gun was legally purchased, you are wrong. The shooter lied on the application form where it asked if he had ever used illegal drugs."

Clearly, you see, the problem is not easy access to guns, but the dishonesty of the criminally insane. While others may wring their hands, I intend to do something about this. Today, I announce to you the formation of: People for Honesty by the Lowlife, Evil Gun-Minded. Please join P.H.L.E.G.M. in putting an end to gun violence by spreading this message to all the criminals and madmen among your friends and acquaintances:
Please be more honest when completing the application form for the purchase of handguns, assault rifles, bazookas, and other sporting goods. This will lead to a safer society, which I know is a concern that all of us share. Thank you for your cooperation.


Blogger once bitten, twice crushed said...

Hear Hear!

13 January, 2011 18:43  

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