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25 October 2010

Sunday with the Waffles

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening with Mr and Mrs Belgian Waffle and family. It was Belgian Waffle who convinced me to start a blog, and she is the only person who has ever chided me for not blogging often enough. So it is with great (and somewhat malicious) pride that I am blogging about this before she is. Of course, it is entirely possible that she allowed me to win—she probably had her post written within hours of my departure.

I have known Belgian Waffle for almost twenty years, and I met Mr Waffle once before. This was my first time, however, meeting Princess, Michael and Daniel. Princess is every bit as charming in real life as she is in the virtual world of the blogosphere. Michael and Daniel are, well, very real boys. Perhaps because I was so shy when I was growing up, I was struck by how readily they invited me to join in their game of "Elephants on Parade" (which I lost). They were delightful. Loud, yes. But delightful all the same. Mr and Mrs Waffle were excessively apologetic for them. I responded that being around children only further confirmed my choice of vocation, which is partially true. But if I were to have children, I would like them to be like Princess, Michael and Daniel.

The weather gods smiled upon us, giving us a gorgeous, sunny day to walk through Phoenix Park and to watch the deer. Then Waffle showed off her multitasking skills as she cooked dinner, held a conversation with me and helped Mr Waffle entertain the children—and did an admirable job at all three. Altogether, it was a fantastic day.

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Blogger Anne said...

You are very kind. I continue to feel mortified but, you know, it's important for us to learn from this...enjoy Cork.

26 October, 2010 01:48  
Blogger once bitten, twice crushed said...

I'd like to say that I too wish the Brother Lawrence posted more often.

26 October, 2010 02:29  

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