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14 June 2010

It's a mystery alright

Those of you who follow churchy news may know that some months ago the Vatican announced it would be conducting a "visitation" of all the women's religious congregations in the United States. There were mixed reactions to the announcement, to say the least. At one end of the spectrum are congregations that feel that it is long overdue. At the other end are those that see the visitation as intrusive, heavy-handed and unwarranted. Much ink has been spilled over the issue, and it has, predictably, divided American Catholics along ideological lines. Again.

Of everything said and written, I think the cleverest thing I've heard so far came from a religious sister I was introduced to a few days ago. In light of the displeasure this has caused among many of the congregations, she suggested that "The Visitation" should be switched from being a Joyful Mystery to being a Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary.

Okay, you have to be a Catholic of a certain age and caliber in order to understand it.


Blogger Anne said...

I get it, I get it. I'm ancient, amn't I? I blame my nana who made me say the rosary every night I stayed at her house.

16 June, 2010 23:57  

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