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05 May 2006

Legenda Fratrum, Part III

In the late 1960's, times were a-changing in the Order. During his official visit to the novitiate, the Provincial* walked into the recreation room one evening and found one of the novices dressed in (gasp!) jeans and a tee shirt.

Provincial: Frater, wouldn't you be more comfortable in your habit?

Novice: I didn't join the Order to be comfortable, Father.

*The regional head honcho


Blogger steffie said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm enjoying your blog!

05 May, 2006 03:15  
Anonymous Bobble said...

I believe birthday best wishes are in order. Have a holy one.

05 May, 2006 09:42  
Anonymous pog said...

Touche to that boy ...

05 May, 2006 13:46  
Blogger Br. Lawrence said...

Thanks, Bobble.
I don't think said boy has been seen since, Pog. But his legend lives on.
I picked your blog at random from the scrolling list on Blogger, Steffie. We share a love of bicycling, although I have never french-kissed my bike. I don't live anywhere near Mass., so can't ride the trails you mention, but I hope one day to participate in Ride the Rockies.

05 May, 2006 16:23  

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