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16 April 2006

Happy Easter

Frohe Ostern!
Buona Pasqua, con chi vuoi!

I was invited to Easter dinner at the home of some friends. They have five children, ages 5 to 15. It's not a competition, Waffle, so don't get annoyed. The two oldest children have by now figured out that I am a mere mortal, but the three youngest still treat me as a godhead. They must immediately show me their latest artwork and games. J, the middle child, showed me his latest video game.

J: Shall I be a good guy or a terrorist?
Me: You seem more like the terrorist type to me.
J: To tell the truth, it's more fun being a terrorist. You get to blow things up.
Me (thinking): That would explain a lot.

Soliloquy will be on hiatus this week as Brother Lawrence makes his annual retreat. If he does not return feeling that this is all somehow a work of the Horned Beast, the blog will continue next week.


Anonymous belgianwaffle said...

It IS a competition.

22 April, 2006 08:51  
Blogger Br. Lawrence said...

It's a good thing I didn't mention my friends with 12 children. Oops! How does one delete comments after they're posted?

22 April, 2006 18:02  

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