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09 July 2006

Legenda Fratrum, VII

This was related to me as a true story, but to be honest, I am skeptical. Nonetheless, it is enjoyable.

In the early sixties, a brother is giving a retreat to a group of sisters. As any good speaker will do, he started by complimenting the audience, saying, "Standing up here in front of all you beautiful women, I feel like a thorn among the roses."

At the end of the retreat, Mother Superior rose to thank Brother, as was the custom:

"Brother, you may be a thorn among the roses, but we didn't feel your prick."


Anonymous pog said...

Oh - I so hope that's true ...

10 July, 2006 10:17  
Anonymous Moobs said...

Bah - another keyboard ruined

10 July, 2006 10:58  
Blogger Br. Lawrence said...

Yes, Pog. Some stories are just meant to be.
Sorry, Moobs. Shall I issue warnings to cover all keyboards and other sensitive electronics in the future?

12 July, 2006 16:44  

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