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Watch your step as Brother Lawrence takes you inside the monastery walls of a five hundred year-old international order. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you had ignored your hormones and joined the monastery.

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06 October 2007

Rocket bro

I calculate that on August 31, somewhere between Frankfurt and Mumbai, I surpassed 100,000 miles of airline travel since taking this position in September 1996. I further calculate that on November 2, somewhere between Frankfurt and Milano, I will surpass 100,000 miles of air travel this calendar year. If you added in all the miles I traveled in India by car, train, auto rickshaw, ox cart and foot, you'd be talking real distances!


Anonymous pog said...

Hey - I think that entitles you to tie-dye your robes, BroLo. And maybe even wear some Jesus sandals.


10 October, 2007 17:00  
Blogger Open Grove Claudia said...

I'm not sure whether to be inspired by your travel or a little depressed.... You have spread yourself around, that is for sure!

13 October, 2007 01:37  
Blogger sexy said...


02 May, 2009 11:43  

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