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30 May 2011

Dreadfully sari

A few years ago, I told a friend that I would be spending a few weeks in India visiting our brothers there. She asked me to buy some silk cloth that she could make into a dress. As my visit was nearing its end, I dutifully asked one of the brothers to take me to a shop that sold saris. I picked out two saris that looked like good dress material.

Since then every time I visit India the brothers insist on taking me to buy saris. I tried explaining that I really do not need any more saris, but they apparently think that I am merely being polite. Earlier this month during another visit, they insisted on buying not one, but two saris for me. A week later, I visited our brothers in another region of India, and they wanted to buy even more saris for me. Fortunately, I persuaded them to buy me a kurta instead.

If I knew how to sew I suppose I could use the saris to make some lovely silk boxers for myself. Can anyone suggest some other creative uses for two silk saris?

22 May 2011

Another disappointing judgement day

As I write this, it is three hours after the end of the world. Maybe Reverend Camping forgot to carry the one.

I saw in the newspaper this morning that the mayor of New York generously offered to cancel alternate side parking next week if the world ended today.