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12 October 2007

What a lucky man he was

I am a lucky person, in the sense that I have had a lot of things that many people do not: a stable, loving family life, a family that never experienced poverty, a good education, good friends, opportunities to travel, and others too numerous to mention. I am not a lucky person in the sense of winning contests and games of chance. I do not remember ever winning a contest.

For one brief, sweet moment earlier this week, however, the gods of minor fortunes smiled on me. I was flying from Sydney to Melbourne, accompanied by one of the local brothers. Although we had checked in online, when we reached the airport, I went to Qantas' service desk to have my frequent flyer number added to the ticket. The gate agent took much longer than I thought was necessary for such a minor operation, and I was beginning to get annoyed. Finally, she said, "I believe you are traveling with a mate. You might want to call him over here because I've just upgraded the two of you."

Maybe crossing the equator turns one's fortunes upside down, as well.



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