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03 February 2008

A quick post

It's 4:30 a.m., and I am sitting in a lounge in Singapore's Changi airport, having arrived here from Los Angeles via Tokyo. I am waiting for a flight to Medan, Indonesia. Two days ago, I was in western Canada, where the high temperature was -1 degree. When we arrived in Singapore around 1:30 a.m., the temperature was 24 degrees. Do I ever feel ridiculous carrying around a heavy coat in the tropics.

In Canada, I attended the episcopal ordination of our former general minister (the top guy in our Order). The poor guy has gone from being in charge of an Order with 11,000 members to being in charge of a diocese with 36 priests. Alright, there are 65,000 Catholics in his diocese, but it still must feel like a step down. And he looks terrible in purple. He was always the type of brother who liked being around other brothers. Now the nearest monastery is at least 10 hours away by car. It seems more like a punishment than an honor.

I'll be spending about 10 days in Indonesia, then another 10 days in Papua New Guinea before heading back to Rome. Obviously, I am excited about having another opportunity to contract malaria or some other strange tropical disease.

Internet access in both places will be rather limited so I'll finally have a good excuse for not posting to my blog.


Blogger Moobs said...

Since he wil have fewer people to delegate to I suspect he will be too busy to notice the loss of status.

Good luck in Indonesia!

Do you mis your cycling?

05 February, 2008 14:11  
Anonymous pog said...

Don't forget to try dengue fever - it's a wonderful way to get rid of all the weight you put on eating noodles .... and the hallucinations are very entertaining.

05 February, 2008 18:44  
Blogger BroLo said...

Moobs: Do I ever! It's the thing I miss most from my "former life".

Pog: Thanks for the helpful suggestion. Unfortunately, it came too late and I settled for a stomach virus. Not nearly as entertaining.

11 February, 2008 05:45  
Blogger Open Grove Claudia said...

Hurray! You're back!! I wondered what happened to the ex-head of your order. Maybe he wants some peace in his last years? I hope he finds new adventures in Canada.

How are you? I miss you!

10 March, 2008 16:28  
Blogger sexy said...


02 May, 2009 11:44  

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