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Watch your step as Brother Lawrence takes you inside the monastery walls of a five hundred year-old international order. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you had ignored your hormones and joined the monastery.

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29 March 2008

Legenda Fratrum, Pars XV

Brother H had a cold just as Holy Week was approaching. Not wishing to deprive his congregation of spiritual nourishment during the holiest week of the year, he decided to tape his homily before completely losing his voice. At Mass a few days later, when it was time for the homily, he turned on the tape recorder and sat down while the recording played.

At the end of the recording, Brother H made no move to turn off the recorder. In fact, he made no move at all. Finally, the server was forced to nudge Brother, who had gone to sleep during his own homily.


Anonymous On a limb with Claudia said...

Ahahahahahahahah. Did that really happen?? Holy Crap!

Hey, I gave you an award at my place.

30 March, 2008 19:09  
Blogger Moobs said...

Sounds to be more effective than nytol - is it available on CD?

31 March, 2008 09:26  
Blogger BroLo said...

OCG: A MONKey award. I'm flattered.

Moobs: No. But you've given me a great fundraising idea!

01 April, 2008 02:47  
Blogger Pog said...

Aww bless ....

02 April, 2008 15:31  

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